Flabby me (Faith Holler) with GHere I am being honest about my weight and baring it all.

I remember how horrible I felt about myself when I saw these photos of me.  I was horrified and I cried, I beat myself up emotionally and I refused to get on the scale to see my actual weight.  I do know that I weighed in at over 172 lb.  What was even worse was that I was working out almost daily to Wii Fit Plus.  Which I now call “Wii Fit for seniors” because it never gets my heart rate up.  Plus, I was eating right, lean meats, lots of veg, good sized portions and almost no processed foods.  Yet, I still looked like this!

Flabby me at over 170lb.

After seeing these photos (oh yes, there are more) I refused to eat anything.  Then I would be so hungry, I would binge.  Bingeing, of course, made me feel even more horrible and I beat myself up all over again.  I was a mess.  Eventually I decided there was nothing I could do.  See, I have fibroid tumors.  Now I’m really telling all cuz I don’t share this publicly.  I know I could have surgery, but that’s not in my cards… ain’t gonna happen.  So, I figured that the tumors were the reason I could eat right, exercise and still be extremely over weight.  I got depressed and gave up.

Now depression had a side effect of “no desire for food,” so I didn’t binge and I didn’t starve.  I just put food in when someone put it in front of me and never got seconds.

What Happened to my weight?

I lost a few pounds from poor eating habits.  I decided to “try” the scale.  That’s when I weighed in at 172 lb.  I was mortified again because now, I lost weight and still weighed A LOT.  For the next few years, I continued to “yo-yo” without even officially dieting.  However, I did do an occasional detox.

What about weight loss now?

Recently I got close to that 172 lbs again… too close for comfort.  My friend Jackie introduced me to a little pink bottle called “Skinny Fiber“.  I am now back on track.  I’m losing a steady two pounds a week and can see changes in my body.

What’s this Weight Loss Blog about then?

This blog is my way of sharing with you what I’ve learned about losing weigh and keeping it off.  It is basically a video log of short tips to help you (and me too) reach your weight loss goals.

To follow the actually progress of my weight loss, please visit (SkinnyByFaith.com).


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