Did you know that many people eat for entertainment ,pleasure or emotional reasons.  It’s true.  Today’s tip is actually a question.  Before you take that unscheduled meal or snack,  ask yourself am I eating because I’m hungry or am I eating because I’m board, am I eating this  because I’m sad, or am I eating this because I’m angry.?  Look into why are you eating when you’re not supposed to be and then if the answer is “I’m eating for the wrong reasons”, anything but hungry.  Try to figure out something you might like do to replace it; listen to a song, go for a walk, go dancing dance by yourself.  Make sure you dance like no one’s looking.


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  1. weight2lose2013 says:

    Excellent post! I often eat when I’m bored. If I’m active, I’m distracted and NOT eating. I’ve got to keep busy or face the boredom munch! 🙂

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