My Before Any Weight Loss Picture, UGH!

Flabby me (Faith Holler)  with G Here I am being honest about my weight and baring it all.

I remember how horrible I felt about myself when I saw these photos of me.  I was horrified and I cried, I beat myself up emotionally and I refused to get on the scale to see my actual weight.  I do know that I weighed in at over 172 lb.  What was even worse was that I was working out almost daily to Wii Fit Plus.  Which I now call “Wii Fit for seniors” because it never gets my heart rate up.  Plus, I was eating right, lean meats, lots of veg, good sized portions and almost no processed foods.  Yet, I still looked like this!

Flabby me at over 170lb.

After seeing these photos (oh yes, there are more) I refused to eat anything.  Then I would be so hungry, I would binge.  Bingeing, of course, made me feel even more horrible and I beat myself up all over again.  I was a mess.  Eventually I decided there was nothing I could do.  See, I have fibroid tumors.  Now I’m really telling all cuz I don’t share this publicly.  I know I could have surgery, but that’s not in my cards… ain’t gonna happen.  So, I figured that the tumors were the reason I could eat right, exercise and still be extremely over weight.  I got depressed and gave up.

Now depression had a side effect of “no desire for food,” so I didn’t binge and I didn’t starve.  I just put food in when someone put it in front of me and never got seconds.

What Happened?

I lost a few pounds.  I decided to “try” the scale.  That’s when I weighed in at 172 lb.


Don’t Eat While Distracted

Today’s tip is another one to help with overeating.  Did you know that if you are sitting on the couch watching a movie, sitting in a movie theater or some other kind of distracted eating when you’re not really paying attention to what you’re eating that you tend to eat more?  Have you ever been sitting in front of the TV, watching a movie and you are all snuggled up in your blanket,  having a good ol’ time and before you know it’s the whole thing is gone? It’s eating while distracted  That’s apparently a “No-No”.  So, pay attention while you’re eating and pay attention to what you’re eating.  You might find that you eat less.

Choose a Healthy Pasta

Today’s tip is about pasta.  Try replacing your normal white, high calorie, low nutrient pasta with something a little healthier.  Try whole wheat pasta, drum semolina or even a gluten free pasta.  Now some people, like my family, don’t really like the texture of whole past so we get a half regular flour half whole wheat pasta.  Sometimes, if I don’t have any, I’ll mix all whole wheat pasta with regular pasta because they insist on it.  It cuts the grainy texture down.  I’m getting some more nutrients than just regular pasta.

Avoid Emotional Eating

Did you know that many people eat for entertainment ,pleasure or emotional reasons.  It’s true.  Today’s tip is actually a question.  Before you take that unscheduled meal or snack,  ask yourself am I eating because I’m hungry or am I eating because I’m board, am I eating this  because I’m sad, or am I eating this because I’m angry.?  Look into why are you eating when you’re not supposed to be and then if the answer is “I’m eating for the wrong reasons”, anything but hungry.  Try to figure out something you might like do to replace it; listen to a song, go for a walk, go dancing dance by yourself.  Make sure you dance like no one’s looking.

Eat Slowly

Today’s tips will help you prevent overeating.  Did you know that if you eat very very quickly, your body maybe full but your full signal doesn’t turn on yet?  Scientists say that it takes about 20 minutes for your body to realize don’t  need any more food you to eat past your full point.  This can  cause you to eat more than you really want and possibly more than you really need.  My “Skinny Tip of the Day” is to eat slowly.   Try having a conversation with your family or try doing a puzzle as you eat.  Even just pace yourself.  I remember stories from when I was a kid where the characters chewed their food 100 times before swallowing.  While that’s ridiculous, I think there is at least merit to that behavior.  You take longer to eat and you get to savor your meals.

Down-Size Your Clothes

Today’s tip is about clothing.  As we lose weight, we need to get clothes that don’t fit way to people who could use them.  I go through my closet once month and I give away everything that no longer fits.  I don’t want to keep it.  I don’t wanna have a fallback and I don’t wanna have to go shopping for clothes that big again.  So it makes me more motivated if i buying close smaller and I don’t have the bigger clothes.

Avoid Drive-Throughs

Hi Faith Holler here with your “Skinny Tip of the Day”.

Did you know that fast food contains lots of salt?.  Yes, it does.  Salt does a lot of bad things were you trying to lose weight.  It covers up the taste to the food, so you maybe don’t feel satisfied  and also causes you to retain water trying which makes you heavier. Even if you’ve lost a lot of fat, you got all that water on so it doesn’t show up on a scale.  All the excess salt in your body is causing you to hold onto it.  With less salt, you to actually taste the food and find out that stuff is really yummy.  So today’s “Skinny Tip of the Day” is to avoid anything with drive-through, have a skinny day.

Document Your Weight Loss Efforts

Today I’m going to be sharing my scary Photos.  Take before photos, during photos and after photos so you can see your progress.  This is my least favorite photo.  When I actually paid attention to it and looked at it, I was I was so disappointed that I let myself become that big.  This is my before photo before I started my new campaign, a little better, but it’s getting better still.

My suggestion today is to take photos at least once a week.  If you take a photo every day I don’t think you’ll see a difference, but to some people that’s what they need to do.  Take the photos document your weight loss so that you can prove to yourself that your efforts are paying off.